Welcome to my blog.

I write about sustainability, self-sufficiency, being present, thoughtfulness about life and how it can be adapted and lived.

It is important for me always to become better at living my life in a way that will affect this beautiful planet as positive as possible. My wish is that I can contribute og help shape a culture that understands how to use of the resources we all depend on and have available in a sustainable manner.

But – On this path, that I find my self, I also find many people, buisnesses and organisations that are not quite so idealistic and have their own agenda, and I find that you and I must be usually strong-minded and idealistic to constantly choose the most appropriate way of doing things.

I have long wished for a place where some one would tell me what to do, how to do things, find the knowledge I need to live life the way I wish to. Where someone had done all the searching for good and sustainable solutions for me. I could not find it and being who I am, I decided to create this website and I hope this can be a place for you to start your journey. A place that comes to you with inspiration and solutions.

Once again, welcome to the path that goes towards a more sustainable way of life.